TRAM, an acronym for Table Ronde sur l’Art de Mont-Royal (Roundtable on Mount-Royal Art), is a non-profit association of volunteer art enthusiasts, engaged in the promotion and development of art for the benefit of its members as well as that of the milieu in which it operates.

For the past 16 years TRAM has established a presence in the local municipality by holding an annual Salon d’Art , by organizing exhibits in local commercial establishments, and by creating and supporting initiatives that contribute to the instruction and appreciation of art.

Since its inception in 2000, TRAM has received moral and financial support from the Town of Mount-Royal, which provided it with a place to work and with steady cooperation in carrying out its activities.

At present TRAM comprises 100 members, including about one third from outside of TMR. It is a well managed organization, open to new approaches and adaptable to the changing needs of its members, thereby assuring its sustainability.

Each year TRAM engages in new initiatives. New Board members bring fresh ideas to our team and to our exhibitions; a new image is achieved, more in line with current tastes; a new website is created, more user-friendly and easier to maintain; greater flexibility is pursued in how we do things; better contacts with local media are established—all in an atmosphere of camaraderie and inclusivity. Without false modesty it can be said that TRAM is a rare example of an association of volunteers that has been able to achieve the goal of its founder (see the brief history below), and that has never been in danger of disappearing.
  • A Brief History
    Inspired by the saying "A city without art is a city without soul" and supported by a group of artists, Marie-Louise Simon, in November 2000, founded the first cultural organization of the Town of Mount-Royal—the Table Ronde sur l’Art de Mont-Royal (TRAM), with the aim of enabling artists to meet and discuss their art, to exhibit and sell their works.

    TRAM is an incorporated non-profit association whose mission is to promote the artists of the Town of Mount-Royal and instill in the Town a vibrant artistic life.

    Following a first ‘Open House’ at the Recreation Centre, more than fifty artists answered the call, expressing their enthusiasm. Together they organized a variety of activities: workshops, live model sessions, painting demonstrations, ‘Painting in the Park’ excursions, conferences, meetings, TRAM Sundays, and exhibitions in various commercial establishments in the Town of Mount-Royal.

    TRAM’s commitment to the community manifests itself in many additional activities, such as auctions, inviting neighbourhood schools and the Vigie Centre to participate in the annual Art Salon, support for poetry evenings, Journées de la culture, multicultural fairs, conferences, concerts, and folk dances, craft workshops for youngsters, participation in the cultural calendar of the city, heritage walks, fundraisers for the Mount-Royal volunteer Centre and the Terry Fox Run through the sale of small paintings.

    One of TRAM’s missions is to encourage public art in the Town of Mount-Royal. A first step was the granting, in 2001, of a TRAM award to the Royal Bank in recognition for the restoration of its building. In 2003 the ArtTram prize was initiated, to be awarded to a resident or a corporation of the Town of Mount-Royal for outstanding contributions to the arts in our community. Recipients include the Mount-Royal Police Station, Iris Eyewear, the Annunciation Church, and the United Church of Mount-Royal.

    The Annual Art Salon
    The annual TRAM Art Salon is an exhibition of the works of over forty artists. Also present are young musicians from the Pierre-Laporte High School, providing a glimpse of the talent of the future. Now an established tradition, the TRAM Art Show has become the most important cultural event of the Town of Mount-Royal.
  • TRAM’s Mission
    Table Ronde sur l’Art de Mont-Royal - TRAM - is a non-for profit association whose mission is to promote art and foster a vibrant artistic life in the Town of Mount Royal.

    Specifically, TRAM is working to:
    • Promote artists and the arts;
    • Create a dynamic arts community in Mount Royal;
    • Publicize the artistic work of its members through exhibitions and other means intended to introduce the public to the joy of art;
    • Establish standards of excellence for its members;
    • Provide members with opportunities to develop their artistic skills;
    • Disseminate to its members ideas, news, and information about the achievements of fellow artists.
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  • It’s Council
  • The workgroups
  • Exhibitions & Activities
  • Being a Member
  • Annual General Assembly

    MEMBERS OF THE COUNCIL - 2016 -2017

    President - Gaudry Seni, Hélène
    Description - TO COME…
    VICE-PRESIDENT - De Sève, Andrée
    Description - TO COME…
    TREASURER - Handfield Barbeau, Barbara
    Description - TO COME…
    SECRETARY - Segall Bernett, Lori
    Description - TO COME…
    COUNCIL MEMBER - Aboussouan, Nadine
    Description - TO COME…
    COUNCIL MEMBER - Agro, Roberto
    Description - TO COME…
    COUNCIL MEMBER - Kennedy, Ross
    Description - TO COME…
    Stacks Image 132211
    COUNCIL MEMBER - Landry, Jean
    A TRAM member for more than 10 years, Jean Landry was the first photograph to join our association ant to actively participate in its operations and development.
    He is responsible for the development and maintenance of the web site…
    COUNCIL MEMBER - Midvici, Vladimir
    Description - TO COME…
    COUNCIL MEMBER - Pellissier, Pierlucio
    Description - TO COME…
    COUNCIL MEMBER - Srour, Nabih
    Description - TO COME…
    COUNCIL MEMBER - Abensour, Rosalind
    Description - TO COME…
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    Description de l’assemblée générale - À VENIR
    Description de l’assemblée générale - À VENIR
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    Communication / Promotion
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    Coordination des Expositions
    Introduction - TO COME
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    Coordination des autres activités
    Introduction - TO COME
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    Description - TO COME
    Description - TO COME
    Description - TO COME
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    Web site
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Introduction - TO COME
All Town of Mount Royal residents can become a member.
A charge is added for the non-residents. Details are given in the Annual fees and Services section…
For more information, you can contact TRAM at (514) 341-5973 or by using our email
You can also use a paper Form: Formulaire de renouvellement en version pdf,
Complete the Form and send it to 40, rue Roosevelt, Ville de Mont-Royal
Annual fees and Services 
Coût annuel pour être membre
Town of Mount Royal Residents annuel fees are 50,00 $ while they are 55,00 $ for non-residents. les non-résidents.
Durée de la carte de membre
La carte de membre est valide du 1er avril au 31 mars de chaque année.
Le renouvellement doit être complété avant le 31 mars de chaque année.
Seuls les artistes qui ont soumis leurs droits à cette date auront leur nom inscrit dans le Portfolio des artistes de TRAM.
Expositions et activités
Seuls les membres en règle peuvent participer aux activités et expositions de TRAM. Il est toutefois possible que certaines activités soient ouvertes au grand public.
Certaines activités ou expositions peuvent entraîner des frais supplémentaires. Les membres en seront notifiés.


To obtain more details about TRAM’s activities or exhibitions…
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